What is Social Relationship Marketing (SRM)?  

Forester Research says it will "go mainstream."

Accenture calls it "The New Frontier of Marketing and Sales."

They both call it Social Customer Relationship Marketing (SCRM), but we simply say SRM (shorter is better and the relationships begin as leads, not customers).

Everyday business has consumers at different stages of the buying lifecyle, with different goals. What matters is not hollow metrics but consumer engagement and sales.

Today, more than 50% of social media and CRM are being done without a defined strategy (per InfoTech). Even when they are strategically synced, many processes are handled manually despite the existence of software solutions. 

SRM has the following business benefits:

  • leads are automatically captured from SM and all lead sources, including media, QR web pages, sales person contacts, special events, print advertising, websites, partner marketing, out of home, etc. 
  • leads are integrated into a planned, technology-driven communications calendar for engagement 
  • leads are cultivated via high impact, highly personalized communications 
  • the ultimate goal is to attract and grow relationships at the lowest cost possible 
  • SRM uses technology, combined with real world touch points, to move a prospect from brand identification to brand advocacy 
RTS takes it one step further to help you build relationships for life. Companies no longer compete on products, price and value alone, but on values that provide true differentiation. Values driven SRM provides a unique opportunity to communicate your character in ways that are real and relevant to employees, and memorable and meaningful to customers. 

Values-driven SRM differentiates your company with a positioning that no one can copy, and then reinforces the customer experience at every touch point. 

Your values communicate your humanity. They set the standard by which you make decisions and build relationships. They set a favorable expectation that comes from doing business with you. Do it well and you will be seen as genuine, caring and competent. 

Ask us about a values-driven SRM for true differention to build genuine relationships for life!  

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